You’ve found the home of fantasy author Damon J Courtney. I hope that means you read something I wrote and liked it, or better yet, you’re looking for something new to read and found me.  If you’re looking for old-fashioned, epic, heroic fantasy tales with things like dragons, knights, elves, and wizards, you’ve come to the right place.

What I’m Working On

I am in the middle of edits on Book 3 of the Dragon Bond Trilogy, “The Fate of Champions,” and I expect to have it released in late summer. I’ve got the final edits back, and I’m working on them now.  Then it’s five or six read-throughs, and it’s all set. :)

At the same time, I’ve been working on republishing the first two Dragon Bond books. Just some minor edits for typos and such as well as new covers to rebrand the series. Baptism has already been rereleased, and Burden will follow shortly. You can already see the new cover of Baptism right over there –>

About My Books

If you only want to know about my books, the Books page will keep you in the know. I update it regularly with any changes to my publishing schedule and when I release a new book. If you want to know what’s going on with my books, that’s where to look. You can also signup for my new releases mailing list to receive an email whenever I have a new book out and only when I have a new book out. You will get no spam from me, I promise.

My Blog includes semi-regular posts from me about random thoughts and essays. A warning though, the blog is not safe for sensitive ears due to language. I don’t use a lot of strong language in my books, but I do in my blog.  It’s not a place for kids.

About Me

In short, I live in Pearland, Texas with my beautiful wife and two kids. I’ve been a lifelong reader of fantasy, so that’s what I love to write. You can find a longer version of my story on the About page if you’re interested.


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