The Fate of Champions

The third book is with the editor for the last time, as well as beta readers. I’ve gotten the cover done and even commissioned new covers for the first two books. They look awesome. I can’t wait to get the whole series rereleased so you can all see them in their new, shining glory.

The third book is titled, “The Fate of Champions” and will wrap up this whole trilogy really nicely, I think. It’s a fitting end to the story I started two years ago. I had no idea it would go where it did, but I’m really happy it did. I plan to blog a bit about the process of writing the trilogy once the final book is out.

It’s been a huge learning experience along the way. I’m sure it’s nothing new for someone who’s been writing a long time, but for me, it has been a constant string of surprises and fun. I’m happy that it’s almost ready to share. I’m happy to be finishing the story.

“The Fate of Champions” will be out before Christmas.