Baptism of Blood and Fire

Baptism of Blood and Fire (Dragon Bond Book 1)

“You speak of a war between dragons and wizards that was so long ago it has fallen from the pages of history. That it was dragons who silenced the song of magic for our own vanity and power. Even if all that you say is true, I have never hunted a wizard or man of any kind. Yet you are here to murder an innocent for the alleged wrongs of my ancestors?”

“I am.”


An unknown evil is slaughtering the dragon mothers one by one. A silent hand draws the goblin tribes from their holes and gathers them in the name of their monstrous god. And into this time, a new dragonmage is bonded. Even as her dragon is born and the lifelong bond formed, the world shifts beneath her feet. For Elody and her brother Rinn, the life they had always imagined for themselves is no longer to be.

Even one who is not born to a greater destiny is sometimes called upon to do great things.

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