The World of Gondril

Gondril world map small

Gondril is the name of the world I am building with my Dragon Bond Trilogy. This is the page where I plan to collect the various novels in the world of Gondril as well as other bits and pieces that come along, like maps, short stories and the like.

I have many other series planned for Gondril, so if you enjoy it, stick around. It’s going to get a lot bigger.

Books in the World of Gondril

Baptism of Blood and Fire
(Dragon Bond Trilogy Book 1)

The Burden of Faith
(Dragon Bond Trilogy Book 2)

The Fate of Champions
(Dragon Bond Trilogy Book 3)

Other Stories in the World of Gondril

Nothing yet, but stay tuned.

A Detailed Map of Gondril

This is a detailed map of the central continent of Gondril where the Dragon Bond Trilogy and other stories take place.

Detailed Map of Gondril

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