About Me

My name is Damon J Courtney, and I write fantasy. I live in Pearland, Texas with my wonderful wife and two kids (6 and 3 in case you were wondering). When I’m not writing my “silly little” dragon books, I work as a software developer. When I’m not doing either of those things, I’m spending time with my family and loving my life. It’s a pretty great one, honestly.

I just published the second book of my Dragon Bond Trilogy, The Burden of Faith, on October 2nd after publishing the first book, Baptism of Blood and Fire, in January of this year. I hope to have the third and final book out in mid-2013 some time along with some short stories and possibly a new series I’m working on ideas for.

Feel free to drop me a line through one of the various means of communication if you have a question. You can find links just over there to the right. I’m always happy to hear from readers.


About My Blog

I like Fantasy. I also write fantasy, but my blog isn’t really a writing blog. It may come up on occasion though.

I’m what they call a “genre reader”. Which is to say that while I am a pretty voracious reader, and I do dabble in a lot of different genres, I tend to stick mostly to my favorite. And my favorite is fantasy. Epic fantasy. You know, with wizard and elves and dragons and stuff?

I may go off on tangents from time to time, but that’s really what I want to write about. What it means to be a genre reader of epic fantasy.

It’s a dangerous thing, putting your thoughts out there. You step into the river of words, and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no telling where you might be swept off to.

I totally stole that.

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