Book 3 Update

Well, I’ve got the first draft back from the editor, and things look really good. ┬áSurprisingly, the editor thinks I need to add more, which is not the advice he usually gives. ­čÖé ┬áI’m into the rewrites now and hope to have it in the hands of beta readers in just a few weeks.

Still looking at a late-October release date, but the cover artist I really want is not available until some time mid-November. I haven’t decided whether or not I can wait for him, so I’m probably going to have to find another artist. We’ll see.

It really IS 1985 again!

“You’re playing the most phenomenal game ever created.”

I wish someone would make a whole series of awful commercials for games I love. 80’s-style commercials for modern-style games.

You know, something like this that takes a wonderful, complex game and reduces it down to a couple of suburban white kids around a table looking scared and confused. That’s not how D&D was at my house. Unless someone brought a girl.