The Burden of Faith

The Burden of Faith (Dragon Bond Book 2)

“We are all tiny fires burning in the dark. Each one of us good men trying to ward off the cold and the evil in this world. But there will always be more night than fires to light it.”


Unseen by the world, in glory to the blood god, the goblin hordes have amassed and are ready to march. Behind the curtains, a dark leader moves the players like pieces on a board. And after a hundred years of sleep and a thousand years of waiting, a new evil is awakened.

For Elody and Rinn, the lives they imagined changed the day their village was burned and their father murdered. But as they struggle to discover their place in the world, they find themselves manipulated like every other piece. No matter the side, no matter the cost, everyone is fighting with the most powerful weapon imaginable. Faith.


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