The Fate of Champions

The Fate of Champions (Dragon Bond Book 3)

“The history is still being written. Anarr has been playing this game for a very long time. For a thousand years he has bonded his dragons with humans and elves, ensuring their survival and power in the world, letting them grow in numbers. Now he meddles once more. He is using the crystal to poison the world, just as he did long ago. And all of Gondril will be made to suffer before he is done.”


The bond is broken. By order of the Eldest, dragonmages are no more. As Gondril’s people struggle with a new, powerful menace, the gods above play a game with their souls. And only an insignificant goblin knows the truth.

Though they don’t yet know it, the champions of the gods are already in motion. West. They move west, not knowing where they are going or why they are called. Elody and Gortogh must act, but they cannot know their fate before it is all done. It could mean their own ends. Or perhaps the end of Gondril itself.


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