It Gets Worse


A nice PSA (that’s Public Service Announcement for you non-Americans) for those of you suffering PTSD (that’s Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for you acronym-challenged folk) after reading George R. R. Martin’s “A Storm of Swords.”  I just finished it myself, and I’ll be on to “A Feast for Crows” soon enough.  Just as soon as I do some laundry… maybe wash the car… read something else, ANYTHING else.

Based on everything I’ve heard from friends and reviews, this pretty much sums up why I’m dragging my feet on it.  Spoiler alert, don’t watch if you’re not through book 3 yet.

2 Responses to It Gets Worse

  1. tristangregoryauthor says:

    Considering my peer group (which includes acting nerds AND fantasy nerds) I can’t believe I hadn’t seen this. Hilarious. And fairly accurate.

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