Status Update #2

Still hammering out Dragon Bond Book 3. It’s completely finished, I just have to write it.

In other news, I have a new baby! And not like where people trick you and tell you they have a new baby and then it turns out to be a cat or a car. I mean an actual, squishy, squawking, pooping baby. She came about three weeks early, so my plans to get Book 3 done and off to the editor before her birth were squashed like so many dreams. She’s really, really cute though, so I suppose I must forgive her.

Dragon Bond Book 3 is about two-thirds complete in the first draft, which is not bad actually, given the baby and everything that goes into that affair. My current plan is to have it to the editor by mid-August and then published in October. Which is a year since the last book. Not bad in the old world of publishing, but it’s downright pathetic in the new world of self publishing.

In my defense, I finished three short stories and a novella this year as well, I just haven’t had time to get covers done and get them out there. They’ve already gone through edits and are mostly ready to go, they just need to, you know, get published and all. I’m hoping to get some of those done while Book 3 is with the editor.

So that’s where I sit for now.

Forward ho!

Well, Allow Me to Retort!

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